Find your local DSA office

DSA LocationsThe Driving Standards Agency (DSA), an executive agency of the Department for Transport, is responsible for conducting theory and practical driving tests, to issue driving licenses in the United Kingdom. This agency has been revamped and replaced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The new DVSA now combines the role of the previous Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). The agency conducts theory tests, driving tests, and offer many other driving and transport services, such as information of number plates and vehicle registration, health and safety requirement for drivers, particulars of roadside checks, and more – all available through the DSA phone number.

Listing of DSA Locations

DSA has its headquarters in Nottingham, a training and learning materials centre at Cardington, and administrative centres at Cardiff and Newcastle. In all, DSA conducts practical driving tests from about 400 driving test centres, and theory tests from about 150 test centres.

The Department of Transport website lists out the different DSA locations, spread throughout the United Kingdom. Contacting the DSA help desk by calling the DSA phone number would often result in a faster resolution, as the help desk agent would be able to answer specific queries regarding the DSA centre and the facilities available in the centre. 

Facilities and Services at DSA Locations

Most DSA locations offer standard facilities, such as car park, visitor toilets, disabled access. However, some DSA locations situated in congested areas, such as the one in Brentwood (London) does not offer car parking facility.

Different DSA centers offer different services, and each centre has varying wait-list to avail different services. For instance, the Brentwood centre offers tests for car, taxi, approved driving instructor part 2 and approved driving instructor part 3, with waiting list of six weeks to undertake a car test, and five weeks for taxi test. 

In contrast, the Chelmsford centre offers only car and taxi driving tests, with waiting list of seven weeks and four weeks respectively. 

The Birmingham (Garrets Green) centre offers tests for car, motorcycle module 1, motorcycle module 2, lorries and large vehicles, and car and trailers. Waiting lists for car extend to six weeks here.

Contacting the DSA helpline would offer latest and up-to-date information on the facilities and tests available at each centre, and the waiting time for the same. It is also possible to register for a test, and seek other test-related information, using the DSA helpline.